Road Safety Footprint Index

Road Safety Footprint Index is the result of rating an entity’s interaction with the Road Transport System based on all their transport, logistical and supply chain operations. Whether their transport, logistics and supply chain needs are in-house or outsourced we believe entities have the power to improve and change how these functions positively or negatively affect safety of the whole Road Transport System, hence we attribute the rating to the entity whose operational needs causes the interaction as well as the entity providing the direct interaction.

Additionally, we evaluate and rate an entity’s efforts to improve their interaction in the Road Transport System. This could be operational processes, road safety technical equipment, participation and training taken/given by entities. Any involvement in road safety initiatives is also evaluated and rated based on its reach and impact. These ratings will contribute to the overall footprint result published in the index.

Why Should An Entity Participate

It is the duty of every responsible business, government department, civic group and religious entity to ensure that the safety of the Road Transport System and community at large is not compromised by their operational activities. This knowledge is also crucial for an entity’s stakeholders, operational performance and bottom line.

Our index allows your entity to continuously monitor the level of risk you cause and are exposed to on the Road Transport System and pro-actively develop sustainable ways to manage the risk and improve your own contribution to the risk.

Each company will get a detailed report of their own Road Safety Footprint. We publish each indexed organisation’s Road Safety Footprint in national, provincial and community print and digital media. See our communication and public engagement initiative.

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