From 1 March 2017, all individual road users can check how their individual behavior negatively contributes to the safety of the Road Transport System, and possible negative outcomes for them and other road users.

From 1 April 2017, all individual road users can input encounters and get intelligence relevant for their safety and decision making via Mobile and Website Applications, or they can access and interact with our Central Traffic Intelligence System via USSD codes. APIs for third parties are available to share insights and outcomes. Of the interfaces, the mobile application has all functionality for interaction which might not be available on website application or USSD codes.

MiRoad Mobile Application

Miroad is a mobile application that any road user can register on and use for free. Making observations and interacting with the app will assist measure the road user’s Road Safety Footprint (RSF). This is also how Central Traffic Intelligence (CTI) communicates and shares intelligence with each road user that is relevant for their personal and vehicle safety.

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