Traffic Intelligence

Some of the intelligence outputs:

  • Real time data and insights into social impact government and corporate entities have due to their extensive use of the road network when fulfilling their obligations.
  • Highlight a user’s (natural or juristic) direct and indirect contributions to the safety of Road Transport System.
  • Produce crucial insights to the background of accidents including influences from vehicle fitness and safety; infrastructure adequacy and user behavior.
  • Combine complex data to ascertain threat, brain drain, fear, panic, stress and anxiety caused by interaction with Road Transport System.
  • Build psychological traits based on how each user interacts with the Road Transport System, e.g aggressiveness, inconsideration, etc.
  • Information platforms for road users to be connected and informed on each other’s risk levels.
  • Functional ways of grouping data to ascertain risk elements, overall outcomes, behavioral traits of factors in the Road Transport System.
  • Monitoring system and behavioral change instigator for Road Transport System.
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