Use Cases

Some Use Cases:

  • Trace user and vehicle interaction with infrastructure to produce and anticipate user behavior, assess risk and loss outcomes; and create traits on interactions based on demography, location and numerous other relevant variants as an aggregate of user specific data.
  • Real time method for creating a road user’s risk profile, detailing type of crashes and severity of crashes; loss and cost of loss based on insights gathered after observed encounters.
  • Compute pedestrian safety risks based on aggregated traffic trends and the resultant injuries likely to occur, mark risk areas by specific GPS locations and maps.
  • Calculate and rank road users and vehicles by their observed behavior and recorded outcomes in combination with other road user’s input and data from law enforcement records.
  • Granted permission, a road user can search for aggregated data on another road user’s behavioral history to manage their own Road Safety Footprint before assigning the services of such a user or being a passenger in that user’s vehicle.
  • Intelligence on possible loss of property, damage to roads, injury to body and potential legal outcomes out of a user’s behavior.
  • Produce breadcrumbs, i.e, a vehicle’s behavioral patterns for a defined period to gather insights into an occurrence or establish overall behavioral trends of particular vehicle.
  • Consumers can track the Road Safety Footprint of all goods they might consume, that is identifying whether they delivered responsibly to their point of purchase.
  • A licensing officer can be linked to vehicles they do fitness tests on and individuals they approve licenses on. This will tie outcomes to the licensing officer and monitor and assess their effectiveness and information can be used for appraisals.
  • Government and Corporate entities can let go of subcontracted companies that impact the society negatively due to negative Road Safety Footprints and in turn passing on some negative points to the contractor.
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