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Indepth Understanding of Commuter Risk

Due to the high interaction between different types of transport and need for movement, there is common consent as to the hazardous nature of being on any Road Transport System around the world. The Commuter Risk Index’s goal is to identify the exact type of risk each road user is vulnerable to and possible outcomes based on encounters recorded on the Road Transport System.

We look at recorded encounters and analyse data with a focus on identifying compliance, behavioral and mechanical factors that could contribute to risk.

The index will look at each type of passenger transport provider and assess their positive or negative contribution to safety on the road network.

Besides the risk to passengers we also take an in-depth analysis of the risk different types of passenger transport poses to other vehicles.

Another area the index will focus on is Law Enforcement Effectiveness Ratios in the passenger transport sector.

To learn more about the Road Safety Footprint Index (download information brochure here)