Our Strategy

Data Driven

Our approach is to continuously generate accurate data of interactions in the Road Transport System using technology that identifies elements (user [natural or juristic], vehicle and infrastructure) by their GPS location, other identifiers and record encounters of which we add variants to and compile intelligence.


A limitation of current approaches is availability of relevant data in real time. This slows down interventions or interceptions. A continuous approach combining different forms of data is crucial for monitoring trends, improvements and inform where resources are needed most for improved intervention.

Coordinated Approach

We provide tools for a coordinated approach where government, private sector and other stakeholders can benchmark their initiatives against an overall singular goal. Even though approaches may vary, our monitoring and evaluation tools measure desired versus achieved outcomes on the backdrop of collective progress.


With our intelligence based tools, individuals, companies and governments can be held accountable for certain outcomes in the Road Transport System based on their Road Safety Footprint (RSF) and behavior (breadcrumbs).

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