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A New Path to Better Road Safety

With the massive interaction on road networks around the world influenced by the need to move goods and people, incidents resulting in the loss of assets and threatening the health and safety of people are common. To improve the threat caused by negative incidents on the Road Transport System the genesis is understanding exact contributors to these negative encounters. Once identified, the progressive step is devising relevant solutions for parties responsible and monitoring their efforts to reduce risk on other road users. Responsibility has to be assigned to the exact user (natural or juristic) and not a collective, for real change to happen.

The Road Safety Footprint Index seeks to identify each entity operating in a Road Transport System’s positive and negative influences on the whole system. Peer to peer comparisons are done and efforts to improve can be initiated.
The index will focus on each entity’s activities that require use of the road network in achieving their primary objectives. These activities might be outsourced or performed in-house; the crucial factor is the activities are influenced and caused by an entity and critical for their operations.

The index is published in print and digital media in three (3) terms [July, October and February]. See communication and public engagement initiatives here.

To learn more about the Road Safety Footprint Index (download information brochure here)